Who are Tanerife?

Tanerife is the hot place to Tan in the Hetton-le-hole and spring area. With a long established name in the local community, you are not only getting a safer beautiful glow you also get a truly personal service. Debbie has been the backbone of the business for the last 14 years.

At Tanerife we have both lie downs and stand up sunbeds, our stand up sunbeds have full-length tubes in each unit, 250 watts 0.3 and our lie downs have 72 tubes 250 watts 0.3 tubes in each bed. So if you want to relax and lie down, or stand/dance in a stand up we have both options.

You do not need an appointment and our openings times are;

Autumn Winter Opening Times

Monday to Friday 10 am to 7 pm

Saturday 10 am to 5 pm

Sunday  CLOSED

Spring Summer Opening Times

Monday to Thursday 9 am to 8 pm

Friday 9 am to 7 pm

Saturday 10 am to 5 pm

Sunday 11 am to 2pm


*the last sunbed is 20 minutes before closing time.

“I love Tanerfie and love every single member, I see each and every member as part of my extended family. I want to thank you all for the years or support and loyalty.”

Debbie Wills – Owner of Tanerife Tanning

What is 0.3 Tanning?

0.3 Tanning Regulations

The emergence of 0.3 tanning regulations in 2009 rocked the industry and we truly believe for the better. It brought in regulation that meant no sunbed could be stronger than the midday Mediterranean sun but with the added benefit that the burning rays UVB , is strictly limited.  This leads to safer, longer lasting tans that truly benefit the body in more than just cosmetic ways. We use fusion lamps in all our sunbeds, these are industry leaders in performance too. Meaning a natural glow, and feel good factor of the sun has never been easier to achieve.

Dose up on Vitamin D

Did you know that more and more evidence is emerging that abstinence from UV rays is very damaging to your health. Big pharma and household brands have pushed the message of SPF use aggressively with the view to profit from fear, we believe in sensible tanning, like everything in life moderation is key. Watch this interview with Dr Michael Holick on the truth about sun, tanning and the power of Vitamin D.

Benefits of Vit D

Maintain healthy bones and teeth.

Support your immune and nervous system.

Improve hormone production and regulation.

Reduce the risk of flu and colds.

Benefits of Tanning

Prevent SAD

Reduce your risk of burning.

Improve your mood.

Learn more about SAD here.

Tanning for everyone


Lie Down

3 Mins £3.50

6 Mins £5.50

9 Mins £6.50

12 Mins £7.50

15 Mins £8.50

Stand Up

3 Mins £3.50

6 Mins £5.00

9 Mins £5.50

12 Mins £6.50

15 Mins £7.00

Block Bookings

30 Mins £25.00          120 Mins £40.00

60 Mins £30.00          150 Mins £50.00

90 Mins £35.00          200 Mins £55.00

*All block booking minutes have a 6-month expiry date.

“After being diagnosed with very low vitamin b and being very poorly doctor told me needed holiday in the sun but couldn’t afford that so choose to go to Tanerife instead so pleased I did as fantastic bed always service with a smile from all the girls wouldn’t go anywhere else and great value for money “


“I’ve used Tanerife for years and wouldn’t go anywhere else, friendly staff, fab tubes and always walk out with a smile!.”


“I love the sunbeds at Tanerife, both lie-down and stand-ups are fab.excellent tubes used and my tan after a short time on them is great always great deals on deb the owner is always friendly and helpful.please try as you won’t be disappointed.”


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